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October 31, 2012
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BOOK 1 of the Vampire Knight Special girl

Chapter 1-The truth is only the beginning

   A girl with pale skin, brown eyes, and brown hair that went a little ways pasted her shoulders was standing in front of the headmasters door. She was wearing a yellow sun dress that went an inch above her knees and yellow flats dress shoes. She was a pureblood aristocrat vampire, a rare one at that. Like any other vampire she has inhuman speed and accelerated healing, but she also has more powers and abilities then any other aristocrat and pureblood vampires. She was deep in thought when the headmaster opened door to his office, he smiled and stepped aside.

"You may come in now Serena, I'm sorry I kept you waiting. Kaname and I had to discuss a couple of things, I hope you didn't mind?" The headmaster asked her as he motioned with his arms for her to enter the room.

"Thanks and no I don't mind." Serena said nodding her head as she walked into his office.

"Welcome to Cross Academy"! Amber and Yuki said greeting her with a smile, Zero on the other hand just stood there with his arms crossed over his chest, while Kaname greeted her after the girls did.

"I have your uniform already for you, Serena and your assigned room at the Moon Dorms." The headmaster said with a smile.

"Thanks, I hope that me being her and me being both pureblood and aristocrat wont be a bother Lord Kaname, and it is nice to see you again Amber, how are your parents." Serena asked hugging ever.

"Not at all." Kaname responded in a calming tone.

"I'm not sure...I guess they're good...I" Amber replied while hugging her back.

"Amber its alright, I know you lost your memory, but one day you will gain them back and remember who I am." Serena said and turned to Kaname "Shall we go then Lord Kaname?"

"Thank you...I hope so." Amber replied with a slight smile, Kaname nodded and said goodbye to Yuki, then opened the door for Serena. She nods her thanks and walks out the door to the moon dorm with Kaname in the lead.

"Kaname they don't knew what happened to my parents or that I am both pureblood and aristocratic at the dorms do they?" Serena asked a bit nerves.

"Only the Headmaster is knowledgeable of this. The others don't know...but possibly Zero does, if you met probably met Kiryu

"I see, does Hanabusa,or Akatsuki know I am back Lord Kanama?" Serena asked as they neared the dorm "as for Zero, I am not the worried, he and I both know each others secretes about Ever and Zero's twin brother."

"Not yet, they only know that a new student has enrolled in the Night Class. They don't know who...yet." Kaname responded, he looked at her as he opened the door in the Moon Dorm for her. "I see, there might be one thing you do not know of Zero...unless you do already, it's the only thing Amber found out on her own, the hard way. You may smell her blood from time to time."

"That she is a vampire hunter I know...I also know that Zero is a vampire in the day class and that Yuki your sister who does not remember wishes Zero to stay in the day class." Serena said  she walked into the moon dorm, she opens her eyes and looks up at everyone with her brown eyes that made everyone around her smile, "hi everyone, my name is Serena Herasouma and I am your new student here." she looks over and spots Hanabusa, Akatsuki, and Ruka. "Hanabusa, Akatsuki, Ruka its you, I am so glade that he didn't get you as well." she said as she dropped her things and ran over to Hanabusa and started to cry in his arms, she was but a few inches shorter them Hanabusa.

"Serena!" Hanabusa said in surprise, he slowly put his arms around her. "I'm glad to see that you're safe." He whispered in her ear and hugged her tightly.

"Yeah, last time I remember you both Hanabusa and your parents wanted you two to get married as an arranged marriage." Akatsuki said with his arms crossed over him. The others were looking at the four of them confused.

"Serena what happened, what made you come back here?" Ruka asked as her.

"Hanabusa I was so scared, I thought that they got you." Serena said crying.

"What did happen to your parents, Serena?" Hanabusa asked as he gently let go of her, he gave her a small smile and held her hand. Serena smiled a little and wiped her eyes while holding Hanabusa's hand.

"Some vampire I never met before broke into our house and demanded that they hand me over, of course they said no and well, they payed the price of being killing by him, he even killed my father who is a pureblood, I was hiding in the basement at that time and stayed there until my Nana came and got me who was hiding as well in the closet and watched him kill them." She said looking down and crying again.

"Ah...I'm terribly sorry, Serena." Hanabusa told her with an upset tone in his voice. He hugged her tightly, once more. " least we're together again." He hesitated because of the thought of Amber came to mind. Serena slowly began to stop crying and whispered to Hanabusa for only him to hear.

"I-I know you like Amber, b-but you and and I both know that she was going to marry Zero, its...its what the hunter association wants my Nana told me cause she is a hunter...but if you don't want me anymore I can understand, cause with my parents dead the arranged marriage is no longer if you love her I can understand.," She said backing away slowly and then she felt every pair of eyes on her she turned around and saw confused faces all but Ruka and Akatsuki. "I-I am sorry." She said turning and running up the stairs went into the closest room which happened to be Akatsuki and Hanabusa's room. She closed the door behind her and began to cry once again. Takuma looked confused must of all. Hanabusa sighed and looked at Akatsuki and whispered to him seriously.

"Watch over Amber for me." Hanabusa said as he ran up the stairs and followed Serena which was his room his shared with his cousin. "Serena!" He entered his room. "I'm sorry...of course I still want you." He said as he hugged her. Serena shakes her head.

"I know...but the way my luck as been going I doubt anyone would like me not after what I saw when the vampire caught me and my Nana, he-he bit me Hanabusa the vampire bit me." She cried as she fell to her knees on the floor. Everyone was shocked when they heard this Akatsuki, Ruka, and Hanabusa were stunned.

"He bit you, that's not good, his power could double." Akatsuki said.

"As long as she didn't pass out thought." Ruka said. Hanabusa knelt down in front of Serena, he lifted her chin and he kissed her on the lips in front of everyone. He slowly broke away from the kiss and hugged her.

"Don't worry, we'll catch him." Hanabusa whispered to her.

"Thanks Hanabusa" Serena whispered as she hugged and kissed him back.

"Anything for you," Hanabusa whispered as he rose from the ground and helped her up, "Come on, you must be exhausted...I'll show you to your room, okay?" he said with a smile as he held her hand, Serena nods and holds Hanabusa's hand, she stops and turns around

"I am sorry, it wasn't a first impression I wanted to make, if you wish, tomorrow you could all tell me your name's, and once again I apologize for my actions this evening." Serena said bowing as she turned back around and began to follow Hanabusa to her room. After awhile they reached her room. Hanabusa opened the door and let her in first. She nods her head thanks and enters the room with him him right after her. He placed her belongings near her bed and turned to her.

"I hope you find it to your liking, Serena." Hanabusa said smiling as he gave her a quick and gentle kiss on the lips.

"I will." Serena said as she gave him a quick gentle kiss back. "Listen, I am sorry for what I said to you." She said with gilt in her voice. He gently patted her head,

"You don't need to apologize, Okay?" Hanabusa said. "Get some rest, you'll have a busy day tomorrow." Hanabusa said as he headed towards the door. Serena looked at him confused then grabbed his hand.

"I am serious Hanabusa...tell me the truth, do you love Amber since the day I moved when we were young?" Serena asked him, Hanabusa looked away from her and replied.

"Yes...but you are right, I shouldn't interfere with her and Zero's arranged marriage, she loves him to...but I also still have feelings for you, Serena." Hanabusa said facing her when he finished his sentence.

"Does Amber know. and I am sorry I am making you chose." Serena said with guilt in her voice. 

"She knows that I like her, yes...and she also feels the same way towards me." Hanabusa said as he gave her a slight smile. "I'll tell you as many times as I have to, you don't need to be sorry for anything."

"Yeah I know, but I feel like I'm pushing you away from what your heart wants." Serena said trying her best to smile. Hanabusa sighed and lifted up her chin.

"You're forgetting that I also like you as well." Hanabusa replied, giving her his bright smile that no one could resist. She blushed a deep red

"Y...Yeah, I...I am just a little scared...with my parents death a few days ago and me getting bit by that guy yesterday, I...I guess I am a bit shaky and scared to be alone." Serena stammered as she looked away stilling blushing.

"You're in a safe place Serena, especially with me around. No one will be able to hurt you, I'll be by your side, I promise." Hanabusa told her as he gently released her chin. "If you'd like...I'll stay with you today, I just want to ask Akatsuki a favor, okay?" 

"Thanks Hanabusa, but you don't have to if you don't want to, if you still want to make sure that Amber is safe that's fine by me" Serena said smiling the best she could to reassure him. Hanabusa could tell she was trying to hide her emotion with a smile like she always did. 

"I want to, I'll be back." Hanabusa replied, he walked out of the room and went up to Akatsuki. "Could you tell Amber...what happened? I'll be staying with Serena."

"Do you want me add the part were you and Serena are engaged due to an arranged marriage that both parents wanted." Akatsuki asked running a hand throw his orange hair.

"Yes." Hanabusa responded seriously. Akatsuki nodded his head. Hanabusa turned around and went back to Serena's room.

"You know you don't have to do what Serena wants, follow what your heart wants, she always says that, and I hope Amber understands." Akatsuki said as he headed out of the moon dorm to find Amber.

"Yeah, I know, but it was choice to stay with Serena tonight." Hanabusa said to as Akatuski closed the front door to them moon dorm, then continued on up the stairs. When he was in front of Serena's door he sighed and entered Serena's room with a smile.

*Akatsuki and Amber*

Amber heared someone knock on her door, so she got up from her bed and put her homework down, and then went to answer it, she was surprised to find Akatsuki standing at her door. 

"Akatsuki, What are you doing here?" Amber asked confused.

"Hanabusa sent me here to tell you that Serena is Hanabusa's fiancee and that both there parents wanted them to get married. Me, Hanabusa, and Ruka grow up around Serena but when we were kids her parents moved away taking her with them, that's when you showed up Ever, and now Serena is back in town, but her parents died and the arranged marriage is no longer binding, but Hanabusa still has feelings for Serena, and he still has feelings for you as well, if you wish to talk to him he is in Serena's room right now, she is scared to sleep alone right now after seeing her parents die." Akatsuki told her.

"Ah, I see." Amber  looked down, a bit upset. "Thank you for telling me Akatsuki...I don't think now is the right time to talk about it with him and Serena." She looked up at him and gave him a smile, the best that she could give.

"Amber, look Hanabusa is just as confused as you are with all this, Serena could tell right away that he like you, I think she feels guilty about that, I don't know, but I will tell him." Akatsuki said turning around and walking away.

"Thank you, Akatsuki." Amber said and returned to working on her homework.

"Your welcome." Akatsuki said taking a second look back and walking out of her room closing the door behind him and walked back to the moon dorm.

*Hanabusa and Serena*

"Hanabusa whats wrong you don't look happy, did...did I do something or say something to make you upset" Serena asked when Hanabusa walked back in. Hanabusa gave her a bright smile.

"You didn't do anything, I promise! Now go to bed! You need your sleep for tomorrow!!" Hanabusa said hurrying her over to bed. 

"Aright, but why the rush, its not like I am going to disappear or anything, unless you are planing something in the bed" Serena said playfully. Hanabusa's face became bright red.

"Nononononononono! That was never my intention!!!" Hanabusa said as he flailed his arms. "I just figured that you had a pretty busy need your rest since you have a full night of classes tomorrow."

"Relax Hana I was only joking, and you are right, if you want you can sleep in bed with me, if you are not comfortable with that, you can sleep on the couch." Serena said giggling as she changed into her light blue night gown. Hanabusa's face became brighter and he quickly turned around when she was changing.

"I-I were." Hanabusa said as he noticed a long couch that was against the wall, it was also across from her bed too. "Actually...I'll take the couch." He said his face still red. Serena got her night gown on and got a pillow and blanket for him.

"Alright, if you see me laying on the floor or on the couch with you, please don't freak." Serena said handing him the pillow and blanket, then quickly turned around, but not fast enough for he saw Serena's eyes go from brown to red. 

"Alright...thanks." Hanabusa said as he took the pillow and blanket, he was about to say something but a knock from the door interrupted him, he placed the pillow and blanket on the couch and answered the door. "Akatsuki, what's up?" he asked him.

"I told her." Akatsuki told hold him.

"How did she take to it?" Hanabusa asked.

"She sounded disappointed and Serena how long as it been since you last fed?" Akatsuki asked looking worried as she took notices of blood lust red eyes.

"A few days, maybe four." Serena said as her breathing increased, she fell to the floor with her legs under her. Hanabusa ran over to Serena, Akatsuki closed the door and ran over to Serena's side and knelt down. 

"You need blood, you may be a pureblood aristocrat and all but you can't live without blood, and there isn't time to get blood tables" Akatsuki said looking at his cousin. Hanabusa glanced at Akatsuki and then quickly pulled her into his arms, almost in an embrace.

" need my blood." Hanabusa whispered in Serena's ear, not carrying if his cousin heard or not.

"Y-you sure?" Serena asked licking the side of Hanabusa's neck.

"Of course I am." Hanabusa answered, still holding her in an embrace. Serena bit into Hanabusa's neck and begain to drink his blood, she pulled him closer to her. Hanabusa closed his eyes as her fangs dug into his neck and he hugged her a bit tighter. Serena drank until she was full, then pulled her fangs out and began to licked the last of his blood off his neck and her lips.

"Better?" Hanabusa asked her with a smile.

"Yeah, thanks and sorry, the day my parents were killed by that vampire me and my Nana ran, we ran for what seems like forever. We stopped to rest, I got hungry and luckily I had some blood tablets with me. I took it but for some reason my body rejected it, I think it was cause I was extremely scared. But later that day we were still resting and he came out of nowhere and I watched my Nana die right in front of me as she tried to protect me, then he bit me. But the vampire didn't take my power or take that much blood, cause as soon as he bit me my body did something that I-I can't explain. There was a bright light and a big circle around us then the vampire stopped drinking my blood and ran into hiding, I-I don't know how or what I did. But when I got here I knew I could trust the people here to help me better understand my abilities. Cause can I control them, but can't make them happen at will like you guys." Serena said getting closer to Hanabusa and laying her head on him. "But yes I do feel better, thank you Hana." She said closing her eyes and falling asleep, her hands were gripping Hanabusa's shirt in her sleep.

" can go off to the room without me?" Hanabusa told him as he picked up Serena and gently placed her on the bed.

"You know, she isn't going to let go of you Hanabusa." Akatsuki said as he opened the bed room door.

"In more ways than just this...I know." Hanabusa replied as he gently released her hands from his shirt and held one of her hands in his.

"Hanabusa, what are you going to and I both knew that she likes to joke around when it come's to you and are going to have to tell her how you really feel or someone else will?" Akatsuki said as he walked out of the room and closed the door behind him.

"I know." Hanabusa whispered to himself as Akatsuki left, he gently released her hand and headed to the couch, hoping for a good days rest. Hanabusa got a good night's rest. He woke up the next day to find Serena curled up in a little ball on the bed.   

"Are you alright?" Hanabusa asked as he put his hand on her shoulder. Serena opens her eyes and looks up at Hanabusa's electric blue eyes and smiles

"Ya, I am fine." Serena said sitting up on the bed. "Do you have my new uniform Hana...what's wrong, you look like you got something on your mind and it also looks like that you are going to cry as well." Hanabusa sighed and replied with a smile.

"Really...I don't feel like I am going to cry." Hanabusa answered honestly as he picked up her uniform and handed it to her."I'm sure you'll look great in it!" Serena grabbed Hanabusa hand before he could turn around and leave. 

"Hana if you got something to tell me, then tell me, one more bad news isn't going to bring my bad day down anymore then it already has. If it's good news then my day will hopefully get better, so Hana tell me, I am tired of you acting like this just to cheer me up." Serena said putting her uniform on the bed beside her and got up off the bed still holding his hand.

"I will...but I want to talk to Amber first...I was supposed to meet her last night but...I sent Akatsuki instead to explain why I couldn't make it. I just feel bad about it, that's all." Hanabusa replied with a slight smile. "But I'm not leaving until I see you in that uniform!" Hanabusa's smile became brighter when he held it up to her again. She smiles and blushes a little, she begain to take her night gown off and put her new night class uniform. Hanabusa's face turned bright red and quickly faced the other direction.

"Y-you have your own bathroom, Serena!" Hanabusa said his face still bright red. 

"Sorry, I need to brush my hair anyway." Serena said going to the bathroom with her clothes. After a few minutes she came out wearing her uniform and a neckless with a flower in closed in what looked like a raindrop. "Well, how do I look Hana?" She asked with her hands behind her and tapping her right foot on the ground. Hanabusa rolled his eyes with a small smile, he turned around when she came out and slightly blushed.

"Wow..what did I tell you! You look great!" Hanabusa replied as he gave her a soft kiss on the lips.

"R-really?" Serena asked blushing as well while kissing him back.

"Obviously!" Hanabusa said gaving her a bright smile. He then heard a knock on the door and opened it to find Akatsuki and Ruka at the door. "Are we running a bit late?" He asked them a bit confused.

"Just about." Ruka said.

"Sorry, its my fault Ruka." Serena said.

"Its alright Serena, we all understand." Akatsuki said as he and Ruka steped aside for them. All of the Night Class students gathered up and walked out of the building to see the guardians at work, pushing back the fangirls...Amber, Yuki, and Zero. 

"Hi there girls I could hear you loud and clear in the dorm." Hanabusa said, then he sees Amber and walkes over to her. "Amber can we talk later, and I wont take no for answer." he said in her ear.

"O-okay." Amber said as a very slight blush crept on to her face.

"Meet me at the fountin in 15 minutes." Hanabusa said, Amber nodded her head.

"Hanabusa might I ask what you are doing?" Zero asked who was right behind him.

"Just having a friendly talk with Amber thats all Zero, see you later then Amber." Hanabusa said to them as he went to catch up to the others who were waiting, then walked to class.

"Zero You're late again, a little help over here would be great!" Yuki shouted at him, Amber sighed and went over to help Yuki, Zero gave them a dirty look and the girls stood back all the way.

"Thanks, Zero." Yuki said to him and sighed.

"I'd love to say something about that did get them off our'll let it go this time." Amber said to Zero and stuck her tongue out at him. 

*Meanwhile with the night class*

When they were in class Serena looked at Hanabusa from the desk she was sitting on.

"Did you want me to come as well Hana." Serena asked in a bored tone. "Oh, I still have to get all your names" she said falling backword lucky she landed sideways.

"It's alright...I would prefer to be on my own with Amber. Besides, you should get to know everyone else! They're all really nice, except for some people sometimes." Hanabusa said while glaring at Ruka.

"Okay I will let you be alone with her, but you owe me Hana." Serena said getting up and holding a twenty dollar bill in her hand that she took from him when they were walking to class together.

"Heyyyyy, that's not fair! Fine...I'll be back soon." Hanabusa pouted.

*after class*

Amber was waiting by the fountain like he asked.

"Amber, sorry have you been waiting long?" Hanabusa asked.

"No I just got here." Amber said with a smile.

"Are you mad at me? I mean I knew her before I meet you Amber, but you still know how I feel about you." Hanabusa asked when he came up to her.

" could I be mad at you...when I'm the same way with Zero." Amber pointed out sounding a bit upset.

"Its your call if you just want us to be friends Amber." Hanabusa said hugging her.

"In all honesty,'s your choice. If you want to be with Serena, you can. If you want to be with me...well, it's all up to you." Amber replied and hugged him back.

"You can't stop the arranged marriage with Zero and Amber, Serena's parents are dead, but my family still wants me to marry Serena, we can't disobey their orders, I think its best that we just be friends, if that is your wish as well." Hanabusa said pulling back a little. Amber looked away from him.

"Why did we meet...if I can't even have you in the first place?!" Amber asked him upset, almost like she's about to cry but holds it back.

"You did have me, but then the arranged marriage got between us." Hanabusa said sighing, Amber sighed and looked up at him,

"then...before we go our separate ways, can you kiss me?" Amber asked him, Hanabusa smiled and noded, then he kissed her. Amber brought him closer to her and kissed him back, passionately until they needed to breath, he looked at her and panted then up at the sky.

"I got to go, dawn is almost here." Hanabusa said pulling away and walking back to the moon dorm. Amber nodded as she watched him walk away from her. "So what did I miss?" Hanabusa asked with a small smile on his face.

"Nothing much, we just got back as was about to introduce our self's." The blond haired guy said.  

"Ah...has my fiancée been any trouble?" Hanabusa asked in a joking way as he put his arm over Serena's shoulder.  

"Yes, I got ice cream for everyone with the twenty I snagged from you." Serena said smiling.

"Aw, that's nice of you Serena." Hanabusa said looking around. "Where's Akatsuki??"

"I'm here." Akatsuki said coming from the kitchen, he handed Hanabusa his ice cream. 

"By the way its my mother's secrect family recipe that she taught me." Serena said eating her ice cream.

"Ah thanks." Hanabusa said as he took the ice cream and took a bit of it. "Delicious!" He smirked and kissed Serena's cheek.

"Your welcome." Serena said blushing.

"No thank you." Hanabusa smirked.

"Shall we get started?" Ruka asked with a little smile on her face.

"Sure." Hanbusa said as Serena sat on the couch so she could get comfortable.

"My name's Takuma Ichijo." Takuma said with a smile. "And thank you for the wonderfull ice cream, it is really good." He said as he sat next to Serena and continued to eat his ice cream.

"Isn't it, Ichijo?!" Hanabusa asked smiling at Serena after saying it.

"I have a first name to you know Hanabusa." Takuma said, Hanabusa rolled his eyes and huffed at Takuma's comment towards him and waited for the others to respond.

"Now, now boys play nice." Serena said winking as she finished her ice cream.

"He started it." Hanabusa mumbled has he finished his ice cream,Serena just giggled.

"My names Rima Toya." Rima said taking a bit of her ice cream.

"The names Seiren." Seiren said also taking a bit of her ice cream.

"Mine's Senri Shiki." Senri said taking a bit as well of his ice cream.

"Its nice to finally know your names after what happened yesterday, you probable want to know why I am half aristocrate and half pureblood don't you?" Serena said taking a few bits of her ice cream.

"We would but its late, lets all go to bed." Takuma said picking the ice cream bowls up and walking to the kitchen to wash the bowls.

"Come on, I'll take you to your room, Serena." Hanabusa said with a smile.

"Thanks Hana." Serena said smiling.

"You're welcome." Hanabusa said as he took her hand and headed to her room. "I'll meet you in our room later, Akatsuki." he said turning to look at him.

"Alright." Akatsuki said as he and the others went to bed. When Serena and Hanabusa got to her room, Hanabusa opened the door and they both walked in, then he closed the door, he turned around just in time to see Serena grab her night gown and head to the bath room, he stoped her by grabing his her arm. Serena turned around and looked at him with a confused look on her face.

"I told Amber that we should remain as friends." Hanabusa explained to her. "I chose you, Serena."

"B-but why, I-I thought that you loved her after I moved?" Serena asked confused, Hanabusa gently tapped her forehead.

"You're forgetting that I also still have feelings for you too, silly!" Hanabusa said smiling making Serena giggle.

"You're right I am sorry, I got to get dressed, see you tomorrow?" Serena asked hopfully. 

"Okay, goodnight." Hanabusa said and gave her a quick kiss before heading back to his room. Hanabusa stopped once he closed the door and smelt Amber's blood. 

"Amber." Hanabusa said to himself as he went his room. Akatsuki was ruffling his hair with a towel as he came out of the bathroom shirtless. He looked up and saw his cousin.

"Are you okay, Hanabusa?" Akatsuki asked worried.

"Yeah, think so, Amber and I went our sprite ways, I just hope I'm doing the right thing." Hanabusa said. 

"You'll find out I suppose." Akatsuki said with a shrug.

"Akatsuki, I don't know what to do." Hanabusa said.

"Well then, there you go." Akatsuki said.

"Yeah, you are right, I guess it will just take some time to get us to the fact that Amber and I can't be together cause of our arranged marriages." Hanabusa said as he gathered his pj's and towal and headed for the bathroom, he stoped at the bathroom room turned and looked at his cousin. "Thank you for everything Akatsuki." He said. 

*Amber and Zero*

Amber was heading back since her guardian duties were done and accidenty bumped into Zero, because she was spacing out on what had happened between her and Hanabusa.

"Ah, I'm sorry Zero!!" Amber said flailing her arms.

"Its alright...whats wrong? you are more spacey then usual Amber." Zero asked putting his arm around her. Amber slightly blushed as he put his arm around her.

"Nothing." Amber said smiling  

"Your lieing Amber, you can tell me if you met Hanabusa." Zero said.

"Fine...I did, so?" Amber said sighing.  

"I had a feeling, what you too talk about." Zero asked as they walked to the dorm.

"Well...he's...settling for Serena...who was originally his fiancée from the very beginning, probably knew that." Amber responded. "It doesn't matter anyway...I can't be mad at him...because I'm doing the same thing basically, I love you, Zero." She let out a sigh as her cheeks became slightly pink.

"I love you to." Zero said looked at Amber and smiled. Amber smiled back brightly and hugged Zero tightly. Zero hugged her back, he pulled away a little and kissed her lips. Amber smiled as she kissed him back, then Zero pulled away slowly. Amber smiled at him as she looked up when he slowly pulled away.

"We should do that more often." Amber said giggling. 

"Yeah, we should." Zero said smiling. Amber smiled at him and held his hand.

"So...I'm guessing we should tell the headmaster, about the marriage or does he already know?" Amber asked.

"I have a feeling he already knows but we can tell him anyway, along with Hanabusa and Serena, they got to tell the headmaster about there marriage as well." Zero said as he walked Amber to her room.

"I figured he might have." Amber responded to Zero. "I guess we could do that tomorrow." They reached her room, Amber walked inside along with Zero, still holding his hand. Zero stoped in the the middle of the room.

"Zero? What's wrong?" Amber asked as she looked at him, she noticed his eyes were slowly turning red and realized what was happening. She pulled him over to her bed which she sat on and elongated her neck so he could have a better reach, "It's okay Zero." She said as she brought him closer. Zero didn't hesatate, he bent down and licked her neck then he bit her and begain to drink her blood. Amber gripped on the back of his shirt and closed her eyes as his fangs bit into her neck.

"Zer-Zero." Amber mumbled, at this point he was taking a lot from her, she tried to push him back but she didn't have enough strength to. Zero saw what he was doing and stopped. Amber gave him a slight smile, only because of how weak she felt.

"Feeling better?" Amber asked him.

"Amber, I'm sorry." Zero said as he laid his head on her shoulder. Amber wrapped her arms around him,

"It's okay, Zero." Amber said wrapping her arms around him. Zero hugged her. She with a smile and gave him one more soft kissed. Zero smiled and kissed her back. Then he got up and walked out the door to his own dorm room for the night.The morning came and gone in a blink of any eye. The day classes came and went and it was time for the night class. 

"Good morning ladies." Hanabusa said with a bright smile and waved which made them squeal even more which also made it harder for Yuki and Ever to handle.

"Where's Zero, Yuki!?" Amber asked.

"I don't know, he's always late!" Yuki replied as they both tried to push them all back, something happened which made Amber fall over.

"Amber are you alright, what happened?" Serena asked as she ran over to Amber side, she looked up at the squeeling fan girls "Keep back right now unless you are helping me with Amber." She said with a demaning tone that changed in a blink of any eye. "Amber are you not feeling well?" She asked looking at Amber. Amber rubbed the back of her head,

"I'm fine, thanks!" Amber said smiling as she got up with the help from Yuki. "I guess I'm just tired or something. These night patrols catch up to you, y'know?"

"You should tell the headmaster then if you are tired,You know I could help out to as well, come on lets go talk to the headmaster about it." Serena said with a smile. "If that's okay with you and kaname of course." She said looking at Kaname who was walking over to them with Hanabusa right beside him.

"Of course, but I don't think it's really the night patrols is it, Amber?" Kaname asked as he brushed aside her hair, showing the bite mark from Zero.

"K-Kaname!" Amber said quickly hiding it with her hair.

"It's okay, we already know, we smelt your blood when Zero bit you." Serena said putting her hand on Amber's bit mark. Serena closed her eyes and healed the bit mark on Amber's neck, she then opened her eyes and mover her hand away and smiled. "There, now it is like it never happened." She said winking. Amber sighed and looked up at Serena when she was done.

"Thank you...h-how did you know it was Zero?" Amber asked her a bit confused.

"I have my sources, meet me in the headmasters office later today with Zero, me and Hanabusa will be there after class." Serena said smiling as she turned away and began to walk to class. It was towards the end already and Ever met up with Zero and headed down to the headmasters office to wait for Serena and Hanabusa.

*later that day*

"C'mon, Zero, I think we're late." Amber said trying to get him to move faster by pulling his hand.

"Why do I have to go, I know we are going to tell the headmaster about us, but does Serena and Hanabusa have to be there as well?" Zero asked as they got closer.

"You won't know and neither will I until we get in there!" Amber replied still dragging him along, they finally got there and entered, "Sorry for being a bit late!" she apologized and bowed to everyone.

"Its fine, we just got here our self's." Hanabusa said chuckling, as he took Serena's hand.

"Yeah and I take it you had to drag Zero here." Serena said playfully.

"Hehe...yeah." Amber lightly elbowed Zero for making them bit a bit late. "Why did you want us here, Serena?" She asked. This time the headmaster spoke up.

"She told me about her and Hanabusa being engaged due to an arranged marriage, she thought it would be alright if she also helped out on the night patrols, if that's alright with you Amber, and she also had a feeling that you were going to tell me about you and Zero." The headmaster said from behind his desk. 

"That's fine with me and I'll be speaking for both Zero and I since he would probably say no." Amber said after poking her tongue out at him, "Oh, um, yeah, Zero and I are together...w-we're going to get married when we're both the association wants." She answered him.

"I see, well you can't back down from both arranged marriages, and Serena your patrol starts the day after tomorrow night alright." The headmaster said with a smile.

"Alright, thanks for everything, have a great day." Serena said bowing. "Come on Hanabusa lets get back to the moon dorm before the day class gets up." She said tugging on him while still holding his hand.

"Ah, alright. Goodbye." Hanabusa said as he waved at everyone and left the room while holding Serena's hand.

"There, was that so hard, Zero?!" Amber asked him in a somewhat joking manner.

"No, but I still don't see why that half breed vampire has to help." Zero said grumpily, Amber pouted and punched his arm,

"She has a name, Zero!...Half breed?" Amber asked him, confused. She wasn't informed of Serena being half pureblood, all she knew was that she could have been full aristocrat.

"Yeah, the association and Vampire Council both know about her and the Herasuma family now mind you this is before she was even thought of. But the story is that one day Serena's father John Herasuma was a pureblood vampire had bumped into Serena's mother Catherin while looking for a place to rest, she was an aristocrat, and they fell in love, got married and had Serena. Its extremely rare for a pureblood vampire to fall in love with an aristocrat, they say that half breed vampires born of this have special abilities that only they and those they trust know about." Zero said.

"Oh." Amber thought about something that accidentally slipped her lips. "I guess it's extremely rare for a vampire hunter and an aristocrat to be in love then as well...right?" She asked with an upset tone in her voice, thinking of Hanabusa. She jumped a bit and looked at him as she held onto his hand. "I-I'm sorry, Zero."

"Its fine and yeah it is." Zero said squeezing Amber's hand gently. Amber smiled at Zero and stopped to give him a soft kiss. Zero smiled back and gave her a soft kiss back. When they both needed air she gently pulled back and held his hand as they continued to walk back.


"Hanabusa, are you okay with me helping the disciplinary?" Serena asked after awhile. 

"Of course not...but...I don't understand why you want to help out." He said honestly a bit confused, Serena sighed.

"Hana...I-I haven't been very truthful about my abilities...I-I still have a hard time controlling it sometimes. With me being half pureblood and half aristocrat its hard." She said looking away. "You probably hate me now don't you?" She asked while crying quietly, Hanabusa hugged her tightly.

"Why would I over something silly like that?" Hanabusa asked whipping her tears away.

"There's more, I can't control my thirst for blood sometimes and its really hard and it scares me." Serena said laying her head in on his chest. 

"It's okay." Hanabusa said hugging her tightly once again.

"I will have to tell the others wont I?" Serena asked as they neared the moon dorm.

"If you want but out of all of them you should tell Kaname." Hanabusa replied.

"Yeah...I'm scared though at what he will say Hana, can you and Takuma come with me? Cause Takuma reminds me of my older brother, and he acts just like him before he died protecting me." Serena said between sobs.

"Of course." Hanabusa replied as he continued to hug her. Serena continued to hug Hanabusa as well. Serena then pulled away slowly to look at him and kissed him softly on the lips and closed her eyes. Hanabusa smiled as he kissed her back and wrapped his arms around her. After an hour they slowly broke apart for air, they looked at each other smiling. Then they continued to walk to the moon dorm hand in hand. When they entered the dorm they went straight to Takuma's room that he also shared with Shiki, and knocked on the door. Takuma answered it and was a little surprised to see them.

"Serena, Hanabusa, please come in?" Takuma said stepping aside.

"Takuma, I was wondering...well...if you-if you could come with me and Hanabusa to Lord Kaname's room?" Serena asked nervously.

"Sure, but whatever for?" Takuma asked taken a back by her question.

"Thank you, and you will find out soon." Serena said as they made there way out of the room and toward Lord Kaname's. When they stopped at Kaname's door, Serena took deep breath and knocked.

"You may come in Serena, Hanabusa, and Takuma." Kaname said from the other side of the door. Serena took another deep breath and entered. "Is something troubling you?" he asked from his desk, as she watched them enter and close the door behind them.

"Well, Yes there is Lord Kaname." Serena began nervously but still kept a brave face. "I asked Hanabusa, and Takuma to come with me so they can hear, Hanabusa already knows, but Takuma doesn't." she said.

"I see, and what is it that is troubling you?" Kaname asked now course about what she has to say.

"You see...I-I can't control my powers and my thirst for blood sometimes. I try to control my thirst for blood, but its hard, with me being half pureblood and half aristocrat it's-it's just hard." She said at last. Takuma was surprised at this.

"Why didn't you tell us this before?" Takuma asked, then he turned to Hanabusa. "How long have you known this?"

"Serena told me on our way back here." Hanabusa said turning to look at him.

"Please Lord Kaname don't be angry at for not telling you this sooner, I was...I was hoping to try and control them myself but-but I couldn't, I need help." Serena said bowing, at this point she was shaking a little bit.

"Easy Serena." Takuma told her.

"I'm not angry, I was wondering when you would tell me?" Kaname said standing up and walking over to them.

"R-really, y-you are not angry, and how did you know, I never told you?" Serena asked shocked.

"Yes, and yes I did know about them, I had a feeling since the moment you first arrived here. We will help you." Kaname said.

"I will have to tell the others then" Serena said whipping her eyes from tears that have been rolling down her face. Hanabusa held her hand while Takuma held her other hand and both gently squeezed her hands. Serena looked at both of them and smiled.

"You can tell them when you feel ready." Takuma told her.

"Okay." Serena said sounding a little sleepy. They all chuckled when she said this.

"It's almost morning, lets all go to bed." Takuma said as they all turned around and began to leave Kaname's room.

"Good night Lord Kaname and thank you for everything." Serena said turning around and bowing.

"Your welcome and good night." Kaname said as he watched them leave, they reached Takuma's room first.

"Sleep well you two." Takuma said as he opened his door.

"You too." Serena said as she watched him close the door, she and Hanabusa continued down the hall until they reached Hanabusa room.

"Take your time, don't rush into telling them if you don't feel ready." Hanabusa said as he opened his door and walked in.

"I won't I promise, good night Hana." Serena said.

"Good night, sleep well." Hanabusa said as he closed the door. Serena sighed and walked down the hall to her room. She walked in, got changed, crawled into bed and fell asleep.

*morning-day class*

Amber walked into class and spotted Yuki.

"Morning Yuki, have you seen Zero? He is usually in class." Amber asked as she took her seat and began to look around for Zero.

"Morning Amber, no I haven't seen him this morning, I hope he is okay." Yuki said worried.

"Me too." Amber said as she spotted Zero walking into class. "Morning Zero." she said smiling.

"Morning Zero." Yuki said smiling as well.

"Morning." Zero said to both of them as he took his seat. A few minutes later class began.

*Lunch time for day class students and at the moon dorm as well*

Serena woke up right at noon. She tried to roll over and go back to sleep, but failed, so she got up out of bed, then made it, grabbed her night class uniform and got changed, she put on her favorite neck, and brushed her hair, today she felt like wearing it down with black hair clips in her hair to keep it away from her face. She then went into her closet and grabbed her guitar case and headed out of her room. She closed her bed room door quietly and tip toed down stairs and out the front door. She stepped out into the warm afternoon sun, and started down toward the courtyard.

"I need to talk to Amber alone, I feel like I hurt Hanabusa by coming back. Maybe he wasn't happy about the arranged marriage in th first place, he was the one that asked me when we were kids, in front of our parents. That's why I asked the Aido family as well as the Hunter's to cancel the arranged marriage when I first arrived her and after my first night class." Serena thought to herself.


Serena opened her door and walked into her room, she had just came back from her first day of class and right off the bat she had homework. She sat down at her desk and got started on her homework. After she was done, she got out two pieces of paper and begain to write a letter. She began with the Vampire hunters.

Dear vampire hunter president,

 It's to my understanding that Zero and Amber are to be getting married at the age of 18, to keep the hunter blood line alive. You see, when I arrived here, I saw that Amber and Zero's Hearts were in love with someone else. I saw that they were happy to be with the one they loved. I hear by ask of you Mr. President that you cancel the arranged marriage that you have on them and let them fall in love with the one they love most. Your vampire hunter blood line will still be alive no matter what happens to Amber and Zero. In exchange, I will do what you want me to do, so that Amber and Zero maybe happy with the one person that makes them happy.


                                                             Serena Herasuma.

When she was done with the first letter she put it in the envelope and put a stamp on it, with the address to were it is going, and were it was from. Then she started on the next next letter.

Dear Aido Family,

As you may have heared of my family death, but not the cause of how they were killed. I know who killed them, but I wish not share it, for I don't want to anyone else hurt. I also know that you still want me and your son Hanabusa to get married. When I left 10 years ago, we were both very sad. but now that I am back, I saw that his heart was with someone else. Please don't be angry with him, it's not his fault, for it is mine. I shouldn't have said yes on that day, but I can't take back what I have said. But now, I see him smiling and laughting with this girl, whatever this girl has done to make him smile and laugh, I wish to know. For I can not make him smile and laught the way she does. So I hear by wish for our arranged marriage to be cancel. In return I will take full responsibility for whatever happens. Please, let him follow his heart do it for me.


                        Serena Herasuma.

When she was done with the Second letter she put it in the envelope, with a stamp, the address to where it was going, and were it was from. She Gathered them up, walked out of her bed room quietly and out the front door, suck past the patrol, and into the school. She walked to the headmaster's office and knocked. No answer came, so she opened it quietly and walked inside. She saw that no one was around, so she stuck the letters on the headmaster's desk and wrote a sticky note.


I wish for you to send off these letters for me, I also wish to take a month or two off from school. I wish to go into hiding for awhile so I can not make everyone around me unhappy, and I don't want to have them hurt in case the level E vampire comes for me here at my old town. when you hear back from them I will be gone, so I wish you to open them starting with the vampire hunters response, the the Aido family. If you wish, you can write what I have said in my letters down. Please do this for me, and thank you.

*end of flashback and back to reality and the moon dorm*

"Serena are you awake?" Rima asked knocking on the door. When no answer came she opened the door, only to find it empty. "They are not going to like this." she said as she went to tell the other, not bothering to close Serena's door.

*Back at the Courtyard*

Serena sighed as she walked into the court yard, she sat down someplace, took out her guitar, toned it a little, and began to play.

*Amber, Yuki, and Zero*

Amber, Yuki, and Zero were looking for someplace to eat when they heard what they thought to be was music playing.

"What's that sound?" Yuki asked as all of the day class students stopped and listened.

"Sounds like someone is playing music." Amber said.

"Yeah, but who?" Yuki asked.

"I don't know, but lets go found out." Zero pointed out as he and the others saw the day class students heading in the direction of the sound. Yuki and the others nodded in agreement and went to investigate.

"Sayori?" Yuki said when she saw her. Sayori Wakaba is Yuki Cross best friend and room mate.

"Oh, hi Yuki." Sayori said turning around at the sound of her name being called. "You going to see where the music is coming from?"

"Yeah, why don't you come with us?" Yuki asked her.

"Alright." Sayori said smiling. So with that they all continued on there investigation.

*Back at the moon dorm*

"She's what!" Hanabusa shouted.

"Serena is not in her room or anyplace else in the dorm." Rima repeated herself for the 3rd time.

"Where or better yet why would she just get up and leave?" Senri asked confused.

"What if whoever is after her got word that she was here?" Ruka asked closing her eyes hoping that it's not true.

"It's possible...I mean she is the type were she doesn't want the people she carries about to get hurt." Akatsuki said closing his eyes as well.

"I'm going to look for her!" Hanabusa said running out the front door. The others ran after him until they saw that he had stoped.  

"Hanabusa were would you even start?" Takuma asked, then he heard the sound of music being played."Where is that coming from?"

"I don't know, lets go find out." Hanabusa said taking off once again before the others to even blink.

*Back at the courtyard*

When everyone from the day class and even the night class were getting closer to the sound. They saw none other then Serena Herasuma.

"Look is that who I think it is?!" Ruka asked pointing to the Serena.

"Yeah, it's Serena, but I didn't know she could play the guitar." Akatsuki said shocked. But they were even more shocked when she begain to sing.

*serena singing Under the full moon's light*

I remember when you and I were kids.

You said that you would marry me one day.

I told you I would marry you as well

and I would try to make you smile the best way that I caaaannnn.

Then you kissed me under the staaarrssss.

With the full moon's light shining down on uuuussss.

But everything began to change.

When I told you I would be leaving.

You wiped my tears of sorrow awwwaayyy.

You told that you would wait for me forever.

Then you kissed me just like that niiiggghhht.

As the years went by, and I had come back.

I started to hear a rumors that I didn't want to believe.

That your heart was with someone elssseeee.

I reminded you of what you had told me.

But the next thing I knew.

That smile I saw.

That laughter I heard.

I could no longer see.

I could no longer hear it.

I asked if you were alright.

 I looked into your eyes.

My heart caught in my throat.

My ears heard every 4th word.

For what I saw it.

For what I heard.

Was pain and soooorrow.

I reminded myself.

Of what I told you.

I said that I would make you smile the best way that I caaannnn.

You looked at me.

You gave me a smile.

And you told me that you were alright.

I knew deep down in your heart.

From the sound in your voice.

That you tried your best to hid from meeeee.

I knew that you miss herrrrr.

I told you I was sorry.

For the pain I have caused.

For the sorrow's I have brought upon you.

You said that I didn't need to be.

For it wasn't meant to be.

So every night.

I cry to myself.

While looking at the stars.

And wishing with all my heaaarrrrrt.

That I could take back what I said.

That night.

That night under the full moon's light.

But now everyday.

I try to my best to make it like I was never heeeerrre.

I try to make you smile.

I try to make you laugh.

But somehow.


I caaaannn't.

I relive now.

It's clear to me.

I can't do it like she can.

So every night.

I cry to myself.

While looking at the stars.

I wish upon them

To make it like I was never heeeerrrre.

To take away.

All of the pain.

All of the sorrrrow.

That I have caused you.

I wish upon them to take away the memories.

Of when we were kids.

when you told me that you would marry me one day.

Were I told you that I would marry you as well one day.

Were I would try and make you smile.

The best way that I can.

So I began to cry

Softly to myself everrrrryyyy niiiiigggghhhhhtttt.

When she was finished, she looked up and saw everyone, from the headmaster, to the students were clapping and whistling. She started to blush.

"That was beautiful." The headmaster said crying and clapping.

"Serena I had no idea you could sing or play the guitar." Akatsuki said.

"You have talent." Kaname said.

"Serena...I-I'm shocked that you-that you could play and sing." Hanabusa said walking up to her and kissing her gently, making all of the Aido fan girls jealous and mad, but Zero just glared at them and they backed away.

"Serena that was great!" Yuki said coming up to her.

"Yeah, you were awesome!" Amber said.

"Th-thanks, I-I came up with the song my-myself, a-and my dad taught me how to play the guitar before he died." Serena stammered blushing a deep red. Then she looked up and saw the headmaster nod. She knew what the meant, the letters have come in, it was time to find out what they have said, and what they want her to do.

                                                      TO BE CONTINUED IN:Chapter 2-To be or Not to be. See you then :heart:


P.S: Hi everyone, Princess-sweetflower here, this is my frist story and thanks to the help of ~soniathehedgehogfan2, please enjoy, if you see any grammars or spelling mistakes please let me know thank you.

I do not own Vampire Knight nor the title.
I own Serena Herasouma, As well as the song under the full moon's light; that I wrote myself, if any singer wrote this song please tell me so I can give them credit for the song.
Amber belongs to ~soniathehedgehogfan2
I will post my other story Adventure of Serena and Amber when asap, I promise, until then thank you to all my watchers.
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